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75% of U.S. college freshmen unable to write at a basic level.

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Academic Success for Families

BetterEssayWriting.com is an online educational service that provides tutoring to children ages 7 to 17.
You’ll find academic support for essay writing, reading comprehension (book clubs), and life skills. Many of our academic support systems such as private tutoring and on demand courses, meet ESSA scholarship standards. (Learn about ESSA)
Want to find out whether BetterEssayWriting.com can help your child? Book a complimentary 20 minute assessment and see the results.

Small Learning Spaces with a Big Impact

Help your kids love to learn and learn to grow using BetterEssayWriting.com small online learning spaces. If you’re tired of online programs that don’t offer feedback, and watching your kid struggle in a room of 20 other students, then BetterEssayWriting.com’s 1:1 classes can help your kid soar. Let’s make learning accessible to all.

Academic Success for Co-Ops & Groups

BetterEssayWriting.com can provide your small group of children ages 7 to 17 with fun educational programing.

BetterEssayWriting.com can provide academic support for essay writing, reading comprehension (book clubs), typing, and python coding. Many of our academic support systems meet ESSA scholarship standards. Click to learn more about ESSA

Find Your Academic Boost Plan

Want to get your kid help, but not sure where to start? Take the BetterEssayWriting.com Academic Boost Quiz and get a free customized plan for your learner.

The Essay “Rewrite” with Rae

Ms. Rae takes a look at randomly selected essays, and applies  BetterEssayWriting.com unique approach to essay writing to make each essay even stronger.

She loves children very much and always teaches from the child’s point of view. She is the best teacher!!
Clara K.
parent (May 29th, 2023)
Effective class with great methods! I highly recommend Ms. Rae! Very happy with the result!
John H.
parent (Jan 30, 2023)
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One to One Private Tutoring sessions with has been instrumental in helping homeschool students boost their writing skills before integrating into public school, as well as helping public school students improve their writing grades. These sessions “work” for students who are willing to do the work it takes. We don’t waste time or money, but empower kids by giving them to tools to become their own best writing critic.

Fun Life Skills

Ready to say “good-bye” to hunt and peek typing? Looking to help your teen put those arguing skills to good use? Fun like skills classes, such as Learn to Type, Debate Club, and Business Entrepreneurship will have your kid excited about learning and in some cases, excited to outshine the teacher. Don’t miss out on these one of a kind  On Demand courses that offer real feedback from the instructor.