Blogging Your Lifestyle

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This Live Class Meets:

– 6 weeks
– 1 x a week

$18 per session

Blogging & Web Design

Blogging can open doors for achieving many goals in life. Students will write weekly blogs that will showcase their interest. Like to draw? A blog showcasing your artwork can provide an opportunity to share with friends, build a group of fans, and build a portfolio for future college submissions. There are many types of blogs available. Some blog ideas are: cooking, music, travel destinations, makeup, fashion, comics, or just the day in life of being a teen. Students will use their original content in addition to material that they search online, to create their blog posts.

What does a typical day in class look like?
Students will learn basic html coding in their blog design and learn how to create a user friendly blog. Students will have an opportunity to get feedback on their blog, as well as give feedback to peers. By the end of this course, they will have an understanding of content creation, copywrite protection, the problems with A.I., and how to maintain a following over time.

This interactive online class is great for:
– Students who have a hobby
– Students who are willing to try learning a new skill
– Students who are seeking a supportive in-class writing environment

Class Overview:
– Welcome & Share
– Focus of the week
– Putting the Writing Techniques into Practice

Course Overview:
Day 1: Setting up your blog and its essential pages.
Day 2: Planning and the About Page
Day 3: Blog Post 1- Share your interest
Day 4: Blog Post 2- WYSIWYG vs HTML
Day 5: Super charge your blog Headers, Heroes, Sidebars
Day 6: Blog Post 3- Exploring the community and using embedded material
Day 7: Blog Post 4- Going live and Protecting content
Day 8: Peer review, A.I. in blogging (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)

Supplies Required for Class:
A laptop or computer
No tablets or smartphones.

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