Young Entrepreneurs Club

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Help your teen make their business ideas come true. Starting a business provide a great opportunity for learning responsibility, developing communication skills, and learning financial management. 

This Live Class Meets:

– 6 weeks
– 1 x a week

$25 per session*

* Scholarships Available

Turning Dreams into Goals into Profit

Most business start up courses include boring and complicated out dated Business Plans. Most businesses fail within the first two years. Don’t waste time by getting stuck in the planning process. Whether it’s a side hustle that you’re looking to grow or a passion your looking to promote, with a little planning you can take your ideas from paper to pitch.

In this class we’ll, remove the filters and take a look at what it really takes to go from a business idea to launching a business. Whether you want to be a small business owner, a solopreneur, or an entrepreneur, the process is the same. This course primarily focuses on creating a business in the United States; however, students located outside of the U.S. will still learn the basics of creating a business.

This class respects all legal business ideas. No legal business idea will be turned down.

What would a typical day in class look like? Class will begin with an explanation of the focus of the day. For students who have no idea what business to start, or a million ideas, they’ll learn how to narrow down the list, and find something they can focus on. The teacher will then facilitate a discussion where students will work to refine their business idea. Each class includes writing in Google Docs to formulate their business plan.

During the last day of class, students will “pitch” their idea to the panel. Each student will have an opportunity to share their business ideas and the likelihood of it’s success with the goal of convincing classmates to invest in their business. Students will learn to ask questions of potential investment deals.

This class is great for:
– Students who want to start their own business
– Students who want to explore the idea of starting a business
– Students who have a business or a business idea and are interested in feedback

Class Overview:
– Welcome & Share
– Focus of the week
– Practicing the technique (Working in Google Docs or Nearpo)
– Feedback/ Group Review

Course Overview:
Week 1: Business (Passion, Problem, Solution)
Week 2: Pathways and Plans (How to get it done)
Week 3: Market Research (Who’s buying)
Week 4: Budget & Safety measures
Week 5: The Pitch
Week 6: How to stay in business

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Basic computer literacy skills- Students must know how to mute, unmute, and click on a link (links are shared in the chat).

Typing skills- Students will complete all assignments by typing. They do not have to type with two hands but should be comfortable working writing without using paper.

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