How to Get a Job & Keep It

This Live Class Meets:

– 8 weeks
– 1 x a week

$18 per session

Make Employers Want to Hire You & Build a Great Reputation

Ready to find a job but you don’t have any experience? Do you have a resume, but aren’t getting replies? Not having luck with interviews? In this class we’ll cover how to create a resume that will stand out, what interviewers are looking, how to make a great impression once you get the job, and how to find a job that suits you. Having a job can be a great way to start learning about money management, time management, and building social skills. Each class begins with a discussion followed by practical work such as resume writing, job searches, and completing a mock interview. We will look at working for an employer, jobs for young worker, freelance gigs/ side hustles, and starting your own business. Most employment tips are related to working in the United States or Canada. If you reside outside of the U.S., please message the instructor so that we can ensure that your family receives additional resources.

Class Overview:
– Welcome & Share
– Focus of the week using Google Docs or Nearpod
– Putting the Techniques into Practice using Google Docs
– Feedback

This interactive online class is suitable for:
– students who do not have work experience
– students who have some work experience but are looking to transition into better
– students who are not sure how to find a job

Course Overview:
Week 1: Creating Your Resume Part 1
Week 2: Creating a resume Part 2
Week 3: Finding a job
Week 4: Resume Review & Cover letters
Week 5: Interview Expectation & Workers Rights
Week 6: Mock Interview
Week 7: Mock Day in the Job: Customer Service, Retail
Week 6: Freelancer & Gig Worker, Business Owner
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Prerequisite: Basic computer literacy skills- Students must know how to mute, unmute, and click on a link (links are shared in the chat).

Typing skills- Students will complete all assignments by typing. They do not have to type with two hands but should be comfortable working writing without using paper.

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