Ages 7-10 Book Club: Classic Fairytales

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This Live Class Meets:

– 4 weeks
– 1 x a week

$22 per session

Reading and Discussing Fairytales

Students will revisit classic fairytales in this weekly Book Club. Each week students will read a different story out loud in a group setting* before diving into our project of the week. Projects will vary and include: written responses, poems, collages, crafts, and drawings.

*If your child is Dyslexic special adjustments can be made to ensure your child’s successful engagement. Please contact us prior to registration. To discuss your child’s needs.

What does a typical day in class look like?
In class we will then take turns reading the story out loud, then discuss the stories events. We’ll analyze the morals of the story before diving into our second book. The last 20 minutes of class will allow students to respond to the story either creating a written response, a poem, a collage, craft, or drawing.

Class Overview:
– Welcome & Share
– Read Out Loud Story Number 1
– Discuss the morals of the story
– Read Out Loud Story Number 2
– Discuss the morals of Story 2 and compare the two versions
-Create a project based on the story

Course Overview:
Week 1: Goldilocks and the Three Bears,
Week 2: Hansel & Gretel
Week 3: Jack & The Beanstalk
Week 4: Little Red Riding Hood

All writing is done online. We do not send material that requires being printed. Stories are shared as PDF files. Students should be comfortable typing online and have basic computer skills (ability to click a link, minimized windows on screen as needed). We cannot accept material written on paper or shared with the teacher via photo, scan, or pdf.

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