Learn Typing & Computer Skills (Level 2)

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This Live Class Meets:

– 6 weeks
– 1 x a week

$17 per session

Learn to Type What Long Form and Explore More Docs Features

In this 6-week typing & computer literacy course, students will continue to grow their computer literacy skills by focusing on: typing with two hands, typing what they see, typing what they hear, typing from thought, and more common keyboard shortcuts. This class places a greater emphasis on typing speed and includes collaborative games. Each class is gamified. Using a combination of teacher directed activities and typing software, this class makes learning to type fun.

Participants must take “Learn Typing & Computer Literacy Skills (Level 1)” before joining this class and should have completed the course with an average typing speed greater than 10wpm.

This class is suitable for:
– students who have experience typing with two hands
– students who may not type fast, but would like to maintain regular practice

Class Overview:
– Welcome & Share
– Typing Practice
– Practicing the Skills
– Typing Game

Course Overview:
Day 1:
Typing Common words
Game: Power Petals Typing Game

Day 2:
Speed Test
Silly Poems: Typing Comprehension (Understanding what we type)
Game: Make Your Own Bingo Board

Day 3:
Practice Keyboard shortcuts
Sentences & Thought: 20 Questions a Typing Fill in the blank
Game: Online Typing Game

Day 4:
Speed Test
Note taking Skills: Crazy Categories Game
Game: Online Typing Game

Day 5:
Computer Literacy Test
Typing what we think: Typing a Paragraph
Activity: Make a short book

Day 6:
MadLibs: Typing what we think and hear
Game: Make Your Own Bingo Board

This class uses the following supplies/ websites:
– Typing.com
– Google Docs
– Nearpod
– A laptop or computer with a standard American keyboard (computer keyboard QWERTY Layout English- United States).
– A computer mouse.**
– If your device does not have a mouse, please let us know so we can be prepared with tips on how to use the laptop scroll pad to complete the same functions.

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