Learn Typing & Computer Skills (Level 1)

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Is your kid hunting and peeking to type? Perhaps they are trying to type fast with just two fingers? It’s time to give them the tools that they need for fast typing and computer safety.

This Live Class Meets:

– 6 weeks
– 1 x a week

$17 per session

Develop Typing Skills and Learn Basic Computer Skills

In this 6-week typing & computer literacy course, students the function to improve their online learning including: typing with two hands, how to use a mouse, how to copy and paste, how to save a file. This class is designed to help students learn to type with confidence without looking at the keyboard or resorting to typing one finger at a time. Students will learn to type based on what they see, hear, and think.

What does a typical day in class look like? Each class is gamified. Using a combination of teacher directed activities and typing software, this class makes learning to type fun.

This class assigns homework (approximately 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week). Students who do the homework, generally see the greatest benefit from this class. Many students join this class as additional support to a typing class they may have at school or at their local library.

Part of this course involves learning to navigate a computer with minimal adult assistance. For this reason, when a student is struggling to do tasks like share screen, minimize a page, or close tabs the teacher will talk with the student to help them solve the issue without an adult assisting. The goal is to help each student feel more confident in their computer usage skills and of course develop healthy typing habits.

This interactive online class is suitable for:
– students who finger type
– students who have to look at the keyboard to type
– students who are not confident with typing
– students who are not confident with keyboard shortcuts
– students who want extra support outside of a school typing course

Class Overview:
• Welcome & Share
• Focus of the Day
• Practicing the Skills
• Typing Games (last 10 minutes of class based on student progress).

Course Overview:
Day 1:
Finger placement
Meet the Home Row
Mouse Left Click

Day 2:
More Home Row Typing
Meet the Top Row

Day 3:
More Top Row practice
Meet the Bottom Row

Day 4:
More Bottom Row practice
Typing words

Day 5:
More typing words
Right Click Mouse Skills
Keyboard shortcuts
Copy & Paste
Save a file
Navigating documents

Day 6:
Typing game: writing a silly short stories

This class uses the following supplies/ websites:
– Typing.com
– Google Docs
– Nearpod
– A laptop or computer with a standard American keyboard (computer keyboard QWERTY Layout English- United States).
– A computer mouse.**
– If your device does not have a mouse, please let us know so we can be prepared with tips on how to use the laptop scroll pad to complete the same functions.

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