Classes for 6 year olds

This Live Class Meets:

– 10 weeks
– 2 x a week

$18 per session

2nd & 3rd Grade Essay Writing

Sentences are great! Words strung together can create powerful stories and poems that captivate the imagination. Sentences can also be confusing. Writing involves a ton of rules on sentence structure and it can all start to feel like a mystery. If your young learner is able to read and has written basic sentences, then this class can help them build their essay writing foundation.

This course is divided into 3 parts: Parts of Speech, Writing Paragraphs, Writing Responses to Literature.

This Live Class Meets:

– 6 weeks
– 1 x a week

$60 per week

Storytime & Art

Students will revisit classic fairytales in this weekly Book Club. Each week students will read a different story out loud in a group setting* before diving into our project of the week. Projects will vary and include: written responses, poems, collages, crafts, and drawings.

*If your child is Dyslexic special adjustments can be made to ensure your child’s successful engagement. Please contact us prior to registration. To discuss your child’s needs.

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