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Classes for 9th Graders

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Don’t let those grades slip! Whether your child attends public school or homeschools, it is not uncommon for teens to be confused by essay writing and disinterested in reading. Our small class size and engaging curriculum is designed to help your teen improve their essay writing skills, and develop a passion for reading. Choose from a variety of online live interactive courses. Use Class Wallet funds to give your child the educational boost they deserve.

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Exploring Explanatory and Compare & Contrast Essays

In this 55-minute class, students will complete 2 essays. This class focuses on writing an Explanatory Essay and a Compare & Contrast Essay using a 5 paragraph essay. Unlike many writing classes this is not a lecture course! Less than half of our time in class is spent on instruction. Students will have about 30 minutes of in class writing time and are encouraged to use their time wisely. This class is very hands on and the instructor provides individual feedback to students to help them better understand teacher feedback. Our goal is to help students feel more in control of their own writing process and more informed regarding teacher expectations.

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Persuasive Essay and Argumentative Essay

In this 55-minute class, students will complete 2 essays over a period of 6 weeks. This class focuses on writing Persuasive Essays and Argumentative Essays. Students should have experience writing a 5-paragraph essay and understand basic sentence structure including identifying a fragment and a run-on sentence. This class is suitable for students who have previous essay writing experience, and it is a great follow-up for students who have completed our Writing Essentials: Essay Writing for Middle School.

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Book Club:The Dark and Twisted Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

Learners will read short stories written by Edgar Allan Poe and explore the morals for society cloaked in his murder and mystery. After analyzing the story of the week, students will expand the conversation through either creative writing or Kahoot.

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Book Club: Action Adventures

Travel to new worlds and embark on a quest, as we dive into popular heroic tales. This book club meets once a week for 3 weeks. Each week students will discuss what they have read, read together, then spend part of the class time responding to what they have read. Story response can be a written paragraph, a game of Kahoot, or drawing scenes from the epic adventure we are reading about.

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Book Club: Shakespeare’s Plays

Confused by Shakespeare? In this small group class students will learn to decode some of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. We’ll also explore how the Bard’s themes continue to appear in movies and plays today. Over the course of 12 weeks students will read and discuss famous plays, such as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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Blogging & Web Design

Blogging can open doors for achieving many goals in life. Students will write weekly blogs that will showcase their interest. Like to draw? A blog showcasing your artwork can provide an opportunity to share with friends, build a group of fans, and build a portfolio for future college submissions. There are many types of blogs available. Some blog ideas are: cooking, music, travel destinations, makeup, fashion, comics, or just the day in life of being a teen. Students will use their original content in addition to material that they search online, to create their blog posts.

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Young Entrepreneurs Club

Is your teen curious about business? Do they have a great business idea that they want to explore? In this semester long course, we’ll turn business ideas into business magic. Students will learn what it really takes to start and grow a business.

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Tutoring 1:1 Private Lessons

Help your child get caught up or even ahead academically. This interactive tutoring session is offered to support essay writing skills. There are two types of sessions available: Homework Assistance and Essay Writing . Our unique method allows families to see results in less than 2 months.

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