Ms. Rae (13)

Creative Writing

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This Live Class Meets:

– 8 weeks
– 1 x a week

$22 per session

Writing Fiction and Non-Fiction

Does your preteen like writing stories and creating characters? Maybe they like writing but struggle to organize their ideas. In this writing club, young writers will explore different writing styles. Through the use of both writing prompts and writing challenges, writers will explore their writing ideas while improving their writing skills. Students will learn to give feedback, each week on exploring a different writing style.

What does a typical day in class look like?
Each class begins with a free write exercise before going into the focus of the day. The teacher will engage in a discussion with students regarding the components of an essay, then students will use Google Docs and Nearpod to write their essay. As writing skills improve students may be invited to engage in peer review or observe the instructor editing the work of their peers. At the end of class, students will receive their homework assignment. All homework assignments are designed to take less than one hour of student time outside of class.

This class is great for:
– Students who struggle with essay writing
– Students who struggle with grammar and sentence structure
– Students who write like they text
– Student who struggle to express their thoughts when writing

Class Overview:
– Welcome & Share
– Free Write of the Day via Google Docs
– Focus of the week using Reading Story Examples
– Putting the Writing Techniques into Practice using Google Docs
– Reviewing Our Work

Course Overview:
Week 1: Writing fiction in the first person
Week 2: Writing fiction in the first person
Week 3: Writing fiction in the third person
Week 4: Writing fiction in the third person
Week 5: A creative approach to non-fiction
Week 6: A creative approach to non-fiction
Week 7: Writing a one-act play
Week 8: Writing a one-act play

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Basic computer literacy skills- Students must know how to mute, unmute, and click on a link (links are shared in the chat).

Typing skills- Students will complete all assignments by typing. They do not have to type with two hands but should be comfortable working writing without using paper.*

* Students do not have to be good at typing but should be comfortable using a mouse and a keyboard. This class does not use paper and pencil.

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