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Is your kid struggling in ELA?

Feel like big name programs aren’t working for your homeschooler?

Do you want your kid to love reading?

Does your

Stress Free Essays

We’ve helped students many families. Our systems have empowered:

  • Kids who would spend days writing essays for school only to receive poor grades.
  • Teens who are dyslexic and felt frustrated with reading and writing.
  • ESL learners whose writing included a lot of grammatical errors
  • Homeschoolers who struggled with writing academic essays.
  • Athletes who hated reading and writing.

If your child has similar struggles, then chances are that we can help them too.

Make Online Learning Work for You is a nationally recognized provider of E.L.A. tutoring and educational programs. Our curriculum was curated by Ms. Rae (owner and founder of Choreography by Rae, an award winning Performing Arts & Technology Center). Combining practical writing strategies with psychology, Ms. Rae has created a system that meets both the academic and the social emotional needs of students struggling with E.L.A. Book your child’s complimentary assessment today:

  • Receive a 20 minute academic evaluation for your child.
  • Receive a customized academic plan tailored to your child’s educational goals.
  • Assistance with learning about grants and scholarships that your child might qualify for.

See Parents are Saying…

“Effective class with great methods! I highly recommend Ms. Rae! Very happy with the result!“
Clara K.
Jan 30, 2023
“My daughter struggled in a group class but once we got into the 1:1 with Ms. Raw she was able to understand the mistakes she was making. She completed her essay and I was amazed by the end result.!“
Melanie L.
Sep 1, 2022