Homeschool Classes

Families who choose homeschooling do not make this decision lightly. The process of determining how a child will learn and retain the tools a family believes will lead their child to a successful future, can be a challenging one. Many parents have reached out to us regarding road blocks they’ve reached when helping their kids with skills such as essay writing, reading, computer literacy, and finance literacy. We’re here to help.

Families may be able to use ESSA scholarships and grants towards tuition.

Essay Writing

Available for ages equivalent to 2nd grade through High School. Intensive 6 week courses, 10 week courses, and weekly practice groups available. 1:1 Tutoring also available.

Book Club

Available for ages equivalent to Kindergarten grade through Middle School. Weekly 1:4 group classes and 1:1 Tutoring also available.

Life Skills

Available for ages equivalent to 3rd grade through High School. Weekly 1:4 group classes.

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