Online Learning for Homeschoolers, Unschoolers, and School Kids

Home based learning has been around for centuries. While the 20th century ushered in the idea that Homeschooling was only for the rich or strict religious groups, 2020 has made home based learning more affordable and accessible for curious minds world wide. Whether your kid identifies learning with Public School, Private School, Homeschool, Outschool, or Unschool offers a wide variety of fun classes that can fuel your child’s academic interest while.

Our courses are designed to support your child’s academic growth, while requiring a short time commitment. Most courses are 6-10 weeks, offering families the flexibility they need to keep life’s unexpected moments fun derailing progress. We are proud to help nurture vivacious learners by providing original curriculum that sparks both interest and curiosity.  .
“Homeschooling makes sense from an achievement standpoint.
”Chris Weller, Business Insider
(1/21/2018)Business Insider

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