Ages 12-16: Blogging & Web Design

Blogging can open doors for achieving many goals in life. Students will write weekly blogs […]


Blogging can open doors for achieving many goals in life. Students will write weekly blogs that will showcase their interest. Like to draw? A blog showcasing your artwork can provide an opportunity to share with friends, build a group of fans, and build a portfolio for future college submissions. There are many types of blogs available. Some blog ideas are: cooking, music, travel destinations, makeup, fashion, comics, or just the day in life of being a teen. Students will use their original content in addition to material that they search online, to create their blog posts.

Supplies Required for Class:
– A laptop or computer
– No tablets or smartphones.

– Previous essay writing experience is required.

– Basic computer literacy (ability to copy links in chat and paste them into a web browser, ability to minimize zoom if needed, ability to type in Google Docs)

– Some knowledge of grammar is helpful even if the student is unclear about the difference between a noun and a verb.

– Typing skills- Students will complete all assignments by typing. They do not have to type with two hands but should be comfortable working writing without using paper. If your child need typing support, please check out our Life Skills Typing Course.*

Class Size:

All classes are taught either 1:1, 1:4, or in small groups of 10*.
If you would specifically like private lessons for your child, using  this curriculum, then please visit our tutoring page.


Getting Started:

Please click on the date you would like class to begin. All request must be received at least 48 hours before the start date.

*If you are affiliated with a charter school or other group with more than 4 students interested in course participation, please see the small group section.


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