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5 Money Saving Tips that are Better than Holiday Sales

Use Your FSA

Does your employer offer a Flex Spending Account? If so talk to your accountant about whether your child's online educational activities are tax deductible.

Look for State Funding

Are you a family fully committed to Homeschooling? Many states offer educational funding for homeschoolers. If your child is already enrolled in a Home School Charter School talk to your school about applying homeschool funding to their online classes.


Look for Hidden Deals

Sure 50% off sales are appealing, but fire sales can be unpredicatble. Insead look for Hidden Deals or Perks. At Choreography by Rae students get more than the classes they paid for. Families have acces to free exclusive events including dance parties and chess tournaments. Parents don't have to worry about paying more money for activities when schools are closed.

Pay More. Save More!

Stop looking for Cash discounts! Do you have a credit card that has a 0% APR introductory rate? If you have the cash for an upfront payment, then you have the money to pay off that credit card. Don't have a low APR, what about cash back rewwards? By making the purchase on a credit card and paying it off before the end of the billing cycle you're getting 1-5% Cash back, helping your credit score, and you don't have to wait for a sale.

Plan Ahead

Does your family take a vacation the same time every year? Do you know school closure dates months in advance? Look at programming that will allow your child to develop their skills while still be flexible enough for your changing schedule. Online classes can travel with you on that vacation. Commit to in-person activities that compliment your child's online learning schedule. If the soccer season is only 3 months, it makes more sense to find a soccer program that doesn't conflict with your 6 month or 1 year courses.


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