Studies show that grades 2-5, Middle Schoolers, and High Schools learn better in small groups.


Less than 30% of U.S. schools teach financial literacy.

Our Values.

Empower Youth.

Give future leaders the tools they need to find academic success that translates to real world success.

Bridge the Gap.

Make academic growth and understanding accessible to all who are interested despite financial means.

Build a Community.

Provide a space where small groups of learners can connect with peers while building an interest in diversity, culture, and independence.

Who We Are:

A team of passionate teaching artists and educator who are dedicated to helping the next generation succeed academically.

Learning is Growing.

All Living Things Grow.

Let’s Grow to Together.

– Ms. Rae, Program Director, Founder

Our Mission:

The team at BetterEssayWriting.com are focused on helping eliminate learning barriers. We believe that academic success shouldn’t start with financial means. Too often those who need an academic boost are are unable to find it due to limited financial means or just feeling confused by traditional educational models. Our learning systems were designed to provide that boost– the clarity young people need to see learning differently.

Our Story:

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